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Burdock Extract

Place of origin: Northwest of China
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Burdock Extract, also named Niu bang zi, which is water soluble, and is easily incorporated into formulas such as lotions, hair conditioners, toners, rinses, and soaps.

Product Name: Burdock Extract

Effectiveness: Anti-Cancer/Antivirus/Antisepsis 

Category: Standard Extract & Ratio Extract

Active Ingredient: Arctiin

Specifications: Arctiin 10%,20%, 5:1, 10:1 

Test Methord: HPLC & TLC

Apprearance: Brown yellow powder

Latin Name: Arctium lappa L.

Part used: Seed

Effectiveness of use:

1. Detoxification: The consumption of the tea of burdock show an improvement in the functioning of the kidneys and the liver, thereby increasing the efficiency of the excretion of the toxic substances from the body.

2. Relief for Acne and Boils: Apply the poultice of burdock seed to the area where acne or boils are prominent. Apply this poultice regularly. You will notice the reduction in the acne and boils in a month's time itself.

3. Treating Eczema and Psoriasis: Consume tea or soup made from the burdock everyday. You will notice the difference in a few weeks as regards to treating the problems of eczema and psoriasis.

4. Diuretic Action: Burdock is said to have a strong diuretic action. This quality helps in the resolving of problems related to kidney stones and inflammations. It also helps in case of infections in the kidney and the bladder. Thus, in case of such problems of the urinary tract, the intake of burdock leaves in any form may be advised by a herbalist.

5. Relief for Arthritis: The poultice of the Burdock can be applied to the areas where inflammation is experienced. Consuming it in the form of tea will also help this cause. Along with inflammatory arthritis, it is also known to provide relief to gout.

6. Herbal Formulas: Burdock can be used as a part of several herbal formulas too. Burdock is high in vitamins and minerals. It brings balance and nourishment to the herbal formula. These herbal formulas are useful for treating a variety of ailments. Some researchers claim that burdock is also a part of the herbal formula to treat cancer and AIDS. Burdock leaves can be used in such formulas. The poultice of burdock leaves is also known to normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands.

7. Assists Digestion: The tea made from burdock is said to have a laxative effect. It improves digestion and helps in toning the stomach. It can also provide a remedy to problems such as chronic indigestion.

8. Treating Burns: A traditional Amish remedy to treat burns is made from the burdock . Blending burdock leaves with egg whites can speed up the healing of wounds, and provides relief to the pain as well.

9. Regulating the Fluctuations in the Hormone Levels: Burdock acts on the endocrine system, and hence helps in preventing significant fluctuations in the hormone levels. Therefore, the intake of tea or soup made from its leaves will help in regulating the hormone levels.

10. Lowering blood sugar: Niu Bang Zi extract can significantly and lastingly lower blood sugar in rats, raising their tolerance for carbonhydrates.

Detail information:

Burdock plant belongs to the genus Arctium and family Asteraceae. This genus consists of around five species and the most widely used one is Arctium lappa. These plants, that are considered to be natives to China, are cultivated for their roots. The taproot of young plants are used for culinary purposes in some regions, especially, the Asian countries. The roots of burdock plants can grow to a length of up to one meter and a diameter of around two centimeters. These crispy roots have a mild sweet and tangy flavor. Even the tender flower stalks and leaves are found to be edible and are used as food. The medicinal values of burdock root have also been recognized by humans, for centuries. It is one of the important folk remedies in some parts of the world and still, is an important herb used in the traditional Chinese medicine. Burdock root is now available in various forms, like, capsule, powder, tea, extract, tincture, etc.

Burdock root contains high levels of dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, amino acids and beneficial compounds, like, polyphenols. They are low in calories too. 100 grams of cooked (boiled and drained) burdock root contain approximately 2 grams each of dietary fiber and protein, 4 grams of sugar, 20 grams carbohydrates and no cholesterol. It has approximately 360 mg of potassium, 93 mg phosphorous, 40 mg each of magnesium and calcium. It is also claimed that there are many compounds in burdock root extract that are beneficial for the human body. 

Burdock seeds contains15-30% fixed oils, a bitter glycoside (arctiin), chlorogenic acid and vitamins A and vitamin B2.

Burdock Leaves contains flavonoids and antibacterial substances, arctiol, fukinone and taraxasterol.

Customer support:

1. What content specification you can supply?

We can supply 10%,20%, 5:1, 10:1, or customized.  

2. What is the test method of Burdock Extract?

The test method is HPLC or TLC.

3. What is the particle size of Burdock Extract?

Particle size: 100% pass through 80 mesh sieve.

4. What is the extract solvents of Burdock Extract?

Water and ethanol. 

5. How you control the pesticide residue?

We control it from choosing raw materials to keep the pesticide residue in the lowest level.

6. What is the content of Heavy metals and Arsenic?

Heavy metals (as Pb): <10ppm

Arsenic (as AS2O3): <2ppm

7. What is your storage condition for Burdock Extract?

It should be stored in cool and dry place.

8. What is the shelf time of the Burdock Extract?

2 years when properly stored.

9. What is the Payment?

The payments are T/T, West Union, Paypal.

10. What is the Method of delivery?

By Air, By Sea, By express which are UPS, DHL, TNT and EMS.